• If you want bottles, mini-kegs or boxes of beer

      Bottles and mini-kegs are available at a few local shops (see below for the list). You can also visit us at the brewery where you can purchase bottles, mini-kegs and 36 pint boxes of beer. The Brewery is usually open on week days from 8.30-16.00 but please give us a ring first just to check that we are in (we may be out delivering).

      • 500ml Bottles - Fallen Tree, Spun Gold, Old Barn and Slippery Slope - Case of 12 bottles £24
      • 5 Litre Mini-Kesg - Most of our beers available - Prices from £18
      • 36 Pint Boxes - Any of our beers - 24 hours notice required - Prices from £54 

      Our Beers

    • Christmas Beer Orders and Opening

      Please get in touch if you'd like to order some Mini Kegs, Bottles or 36 Pint Boxes for Christmas. We will be open until 15.00 on Dec 23rd for you to collect beer direct from the Brewery.

      Contact us

    • Our bottles are currently stocked at:

      • Buglers - Wrington
      • Budgens - Langford
      • Brockley Stores - Cleeve
      • Aimees Wine House - Backwell
      • Murrays of Clevedon - Clevedon
      • The Wine Shop - Winscombe