• Home Delivery - We are currently delivering fresh cask ale and bottles locally. Please check out our Facebook page - @twistedoakbrewery - for further details.

    • If you want bottles, mini-kegs or boxes of beer

      Bottles and mini-kegs are available at a few local shops (see below for the list). You can also visit us at the brewery where you can purchase bottles, mini-kegs and 36 pint boxes of beer. The Brewery is usually open on week days from 9.00-16.00 but please give us a ring first just to check that we are in (we may be out delivering).

      • 500ml Bottles - Fallen Tree, Spun Gold, Old Barn and Slippery Slope - Case of 12 bottles £24
      • 5 Litre Mini-Keg - Most of our beers available - Prices from £18
      • 36 Pint Boxes - Any of our beers - 24 hours notice required - Prices from £54 

      Our Beers

    • Our bottles and mini-kegs are currently stocked at:

      Bottles and Mini-Kegs

      • Buglers - Wrington
      • Budgens - Langford
      • Aimee's Wine House - Backwell


      • Brockley Stores - Cleeve
      • Murrays of Clevedon - Clevedon
      • The Wine Shop - Winscombe