• Friday Beer Club

      Freshly poured cask beer. Delivered to your door.

      Every week we choose 1 or 2 beers to pour, straight from the cask to deliver to your door. This is the freshest beer you can get, direct from the brewery. Poured on Friday and delivered immediately. Beer is delivered in 5 Litre and 2.5 Litre containers.
      • To find out which beer we're pouring this week please go to our Facebook page or our Instagram
      • To order your beer please email us (by Thursday evening) at: info@twistedoakbrewery.co.uk
      • When ordering tell us which beer you would like and what size container you would like
      • 5 Litre containers are £24 each, 2.5L containers are £14 each or 2 x 2.5Litre containers are £24  
      • Don't forget to tell us where you live if you're new to the Friday Beer Club
      •  We deliver to all local villages such as: Wrington, Congresbury, Yatton, Blagdon, Ubley, Langford, Churchill, Sandford, Nailsea, Backwell, Cleeve, Claverham and a little further afield to Portishead and Clevedon
      • Unfortunately, we can only deliver Friday Beer Club beer locally (fresh beer doesn't like to travel too far)
      • Please get in contact with us to check whether we can deliver to you
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