• If you are a pub or a venue...

      Please contact us any time to order beer. We usually have 8-10 beers to choose from in our cellar & send out a Weekly Beer List on a Monday morning. Please get in touch to be added to our mailing list. 

      Beer is supplied in 72 pint Firkins, 30 litre Kegs and we have a small stock of 36 pint Pins. We can supply direct to Free Houses or to PubCo's through SIBA BeerFlex.

      Please get in touch with us to discuss prices and delivery options. 

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    • If you need some beer for a party...

      We can supply beer for your party in 72 pint firkins or 36 pint pins. We will deliver locally and supply you with a wooden stand for your cask of beer and a tap to serve it with. Our beer will usually need about 8 hours to settle but if you give us a few days notice we can deliver it 'bright' so that it is ready to serve straight away.

      Please get in contact with us to discuss prices and delivery.

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    • Or visit us for bottles, mini-kegs or boxes of beer

      You can visit us at the brewery to purchase bottles, mini-kegs and 36 pint boxes of beer. The Brewery is usually open on week days from 9.00-14.00 but please give us a ring first just to check that we are in (we may be out delivering).

      • 500ml Bottles -    £2.50 per bottle or a Case of 12 bottles £25
      • 5 Litre Mini-Keg - A good selection of beers usually available - £25
      • 36 Pint Boxes -    Any of our beers - 24 hours notice required - Prices from £54 

      Our Beers

    • Our bottles are currently stocked at:


      • Brockley Stores - Cleeve
      • Touts - Langford, Nailsea & Cleeve
      • Aimee's Wine House - Backwell
      • Cork and Fork - Yatton
      • Congresbury Village Store - Congresbury
      • Cadbury Garden Centre - Congresbury
      • Buglers (Spar) - Wrington
      • Lye Cross Farm - Redhill
      • Puxton Park Farmshop - Weston-Super-Mare
      • The Public Market - Bristol
      • The Fallen Tree micropub - Clevedon


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